What do we do?

We build local networks for young women that have faced the life-changing diagnosis of breast cancer, in order to ensure they have the knowledge, friendship and support to move forward.

How do we do it?

Our focus is on providing comprehensive emotional and practical support to young women impacted by breast cancer, where our holistic approach places these women at the center of all we deliver. Outside of their treatment plan we are committed to providing engaging and informative webinars, the chance to connect with local women with shared experiences on weekly walk and talk sessions and heartwarming coffee mornings. We provide dedicated respite through our well-being events and psychological clinical sessions to ensure accelerated emotional support.

All our activities are delivered within a space where our women feel safe, can connect, uplift one another, and stand together stronger in their journey of healing and recovery. By fostering a united approach, it creates an environment where peer to peer support offer solace, hope and true friendships are formed.

Aurora aims to provide:

  • Safe and inclusive spaces for our young women to unite and connect in order to share experiences and support each other through a difficult breast cancer journey.


  • Information to ensure our women have the current knowledge and understanding of all the the options, so together we can navigate through the most challenging period of their lives and help them make informed decisions and signpost where needed.


  • Support for women outside their clinical journey as we strive to empower, uplift, and create a positive and supportive environment for women facing breast cancer. Through offering connections, we aim to encourage women to share their own experiences with others, recognising that each circumstance may be different, but that like-minded experiences can provide comfort and solidarity. Nurturing self-healing and self-love we believe in the importance of women supporting women and aim to provide a community and network of support.


  • A well-being weekend that offers our women the opportunity to escape the pressures and stress of their life-changing illness. Our aim is to create moments of peace, hope, and happiness, surrounded by a supportive community that truly understands their journey. We seek to foster friendship and a sense of belonging among all the women that attend so they feel comfortable to share all the emotions and questions that come with a breast cancer diagnosis.


  • Psychology sessions where required to emotionally support our members with 6 free consultations.

We are:

The Aurora community is supportive


Committed to providing emotional support through a breast cancer journey and beyond.
Aurora is uniting


Together we re-build our new normal. Together we are stronger.

Aurora creates a nurturing environment


Creating environments of understanding, kindness, respect and compassion.